Students & Alumni


Connect Local

Skills building curriculum for grades 7-12 is administered through a virtual platform developed by LRNG with supporting conference experiences offered to students at each grade level. These conferences are refined to include topics that directly impact college and career preparedness while training modules target the organization’s mission and ensure students gain skills needed to be successful, regardless of their chosen post-secondary path.


Explore Local

Ed awards scholarships to high school seniors preparing to make decisions for furthering their education. Seniors are invited to apply and receive these awards over the course of their senior year.


Work Local

The executive Internship Program allows 12th grade students who are enrolled in the Academies of Birmingham to compete for paid internships with local businesses. Fifty five students are selected for the program where they gain 120 hours of workforce experience and participate in professional development sessions.


Graduate Local

Graduate Local was established to create connections to the community, provide support, and facilitate opportunities for Ed Alumni up to five years post-high school graduation.

Throughout the year students use their SDLPs as a planning and recording tool. Students are able to not only build a portfolio of their experiences and accomplishments, but of important personal connections they make throughout high school. The College and Career Prep series culminates in an Executive Internship Program that offers students the opportunity to benefit from the fruits of their labor through a 120-hour paid internship with companies across Birmingham.

Network Nights

Our local, open-to-the-public events are a fan favorite! Join us to see students, families, educators, and community leaders come together around a specific topic to identify common issues, set goals, and provide mutual support.